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Sock Tool

The focus of this innovative product is to help people. Not only does it assist people in putting on their socks and hosiery but it also allows people to feel more mobile and independent.Instead of approaching the product with a mundane and “everyday” eye, we decided to capture Sock Tool as an editorial and elevated product. Most medical products are hidden and pushed to the side, but Sock Tool is celebrated.

This approach not only brings the product to the forefront, but it also brings the consumer to the forefront with it, removing any shame, agism or ablism from the imagery.

Photos and video were created to show the use of the tool in a way that is clean, user friendly and visually pleasing. Amazon store copy, logos, brochures, and other multi-media brand elements were also packaged together in this fully immersive treatment to celebrate and introduce a truly important product.

A Seamless Experience that Makes an Everyday Task Easy and Enjoyable. 

Designed for Anyone to Handle and Grip with Confidence.

Made in the USA: Our solid, locally-made lightweight material is durable and easy to lift and store.

The Sock Tool Experience

This product is also uniquely American made. The creator and manufacturer focused on high quality materials that were made locally. This was an important central detail to the branding. Consumers want a product that works, lasts and represents their morals. Branding can be ethical, inclusive, impactful and creative while showing the product at its absolute best and Sock Tool is no exception.