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These published books encompass articles, essays and nonfiction approaches to fascinating topics. Black identity and representation in Tarantino films are poignantly unpacked in “Race on the QT” while ” Mapping the Latino Badlands” paints an unexplored picture of Afro-Latinx characters in comic books.

We believe the basis of great creation comes from expertise in foundational skills. 

These skills include writing, editing and research. An expansive knowledge of books, articles and other manuscripts dictates the context in which we see the world. Classical and contemporary skills and knowledge are the roots of the modern content craze. We value the ability to articulate complex concepts that affect our world and the media we consume.

In ‘Mapping the Blatino Badlands And Borderlands of American Pop Culture’ Adilifu Nama and Maya Haddad explain the difficulties of depicting Blatino superheroes that express their blackness to the same degree as their Latinidad. They warn against the usage of Blatino identity as an ‘existential quandary’ but argue that it should be the ‘face of the global future, a pan-racial and multicultural America’

Rocío Isabel Prado

Writing, editing and research are available for any literary form. Explore these books here and here. Or, reach out for more published works. The page is the original canon, and we proudly celebrate that side by side with moving, captured, digitally works and formats.