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Working with Daniel Martin Diaz is always a pleasure. As an artist DMD takes every project and concept to the next level. “Metaphysik” was no exception.

This art book is conceptual, philosophical and effective. It comes with a deck of cards that optimizes each essay explored in the book by giving the reader and participant exercises in story-telling and creative growth. The game and book together cultivate artistry and expand the mind to think and produce differently.

“Metaphysik” challenges us, the human and the artist, to see beyond this plane of existence so that we can communicate beyond our limitations.

The ultimate interstitial space in poetry is the one that exists between poem and reader. What
occurs there is the true completion of the poem, different for every person, every time. 

Metaphysik “A Conversation with Objects”

Editing this special project was a joy and a challenge in the best way possible. It is a unique example of branding an artist into something bigger: a world, a journey and a methodology that applies like a glorious science.