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It started as a Brand Book celebrating the campaigns of the year. But, in the process of development, it became so much more.

Mezcal El Silencio’s 2018 Book was a pleasure to create. It was stacked with evocative photos, behind the scenes glimpses into campaigns, and original stories written to summarize, conclude and allude to branding past, present and future.

We separated the book into Red, White and Black sections. Each embodied a feeling, theme, and aspect of the company’s culture and aesthetic. It followed the journeys of The Mezcalero, The Alebrije and The Familia behind the team. The book is a piece of literary genius and enjoyment all on its own, even without the product it represents. It became a desired piece of merchandise for audiences and clients alike.

Each time the desire swells inside of us, and the heat rises through our bodies, we know it is the fire inside. It is our unbound destiny to illuminate the darkness and honor the Alebrije as we enjoy the fruits of its sacrifice.

Maya Haddad “RED ALEBRIJE”

Delicious and creative additions to the company canon not only elevate a brand but they also serve as extensions of the Brand Bible (ethos, aesthetic, mission statement). An editorial piece like this stays on bookshelves, coffee tables, and office displays for decades to come. Plus, they are an incredible reference for future content on all platforms.