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LA Canvas has held its position as a Los Angeles-born and bred guide for all things culture. It has maintained its stature as a respected publication, and when the time came for it to relaunch, the mission became clear.

The relaunch of LA Canvas came at the same time as a city-wide renaissance. Los Angeles was becoming an essential urban hub and destination. The city experienced an unprecedented boom in the arts, architecture, food and more, bringing the city some long-deserved recognition. Leading this relaunch meant breaking down what made the publication great, refreshing those aspects and keeping the renaissance in mind.

Pilars and topics that we focused on included art, culture, music, film, food, fashion and what we called neo-politics. It also meant a relaunch of social media and corresponding outlets that supported our mission. We also reconnected with clients, partners and sponsors to ensure we had a wide and diverse web of people when it came to our community. We knew our audience was as diverse as LA, so we mirrored that in our content and sponsorships. We also held our head up high as an authority on art and culture while keeping our voice and tone very real.

We watched from afar after many years of dedicated work on the field, and after a little break we realized, the city just wasn’t the same with us. We’re ready to sharpen our tools, wet our whistles, and uncover what’s really going on in Los Angeles. Are you starved for Art, Music, Fashion, Film, Food, Neo-Politics and more? Then open wide, ‘cause we have just the remedy. LA Canvas is here to fill you up with a concoction more biting, delicious and nutritious than ever.

Comeback Announcement

Logistically, a relaunch meant a lot of management and organization in terms of tools and teams. New guidelines were created for content and publishing, numerous submission were reviewed, contributors were hired and managed, and contracts were created and signed. Schedules were formed and remained the tight backbone to a bubbling world of content that ran at all times.