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The Festival

This iconic Belgian festival is an essential cultural and economic event in the French-speaking region of the country. People from all parts of the Belgium and the broader region, Northwestern Europe at large, make their way to the festival every year to see headliners such as Nicki Minaj and Booba. 

The Method

The essential goals laid out and accomplished from our end were: English Language Reach, Expansion of Content (beyond the festival season), Engagement with Local Communities and Small Businesses, and Ensuring and Growing Relationships with Artists, Managers and Sponsors.

The Result

By making the reach and impact of the festival wider, it became a content machine and infinite source of interaction and revenue for the region. It was already an essential stop for music, food and culture, but by adding the touches mentioned above, it grew into a destination for fashion, merchandise, trends, knowledge and more, in-person and online.